Local print house Commonwealth Press builds medical marijuana into employee health benefits 

Photo by Matt Dayak

Maitri’s printing partner, Commonwealth Press, hosted a medical marijuana education and certification workshop for its employees this week.

Owners Dan and Shannon Rugh subsidized a portion of the cost of a medical marijuana card certification as part of the healthcare benefits package they offer employees. More than half of the Commonwealth Press team took advantage of the new benefit and got certified for their medical marijuana cards.

"Hard work like screen printing takes a daily toll on your body, especially after 18 years. Through multiple conversations with friends and family about the positive aspects they have experienced with medicinal marijuana, I began to look into it as a treatment for arthritis. After a conversation with our friends at Maitri Medicinals, I realized it could be an overall company benefit for the whole health of our employees. I have little doubt that these kinds of benefits will become the norm sooner than later and am proud to help set that standard."

The Medical Marijuana Specialists nurse/physician team set up shop on site at the company’s production facility in the Beltzhoover neighborhood of Pittsburgh to certify the participating employees.

“Why should we wait for Apple, Amazon or some other big corporation to announce they’re doing this when we can do it first?” said Shannon Rugh, Co-Owner, Commonwealth Press, who believes that cannabis offers many medical benefits.

“While many companies are reviewing their policies around medical marijuana consumption and drug testing, Commonwealth Press has boldly stepped forward and taken action for the benefit of their employees, “ said Corinne Ogrodnik, Maitri’s CEO and Co-Founder.  “Dan and Shannon recognize that traditional pharmaceutical therapy is only one of many approaches to wellness. We applaud them for their forward-thinking stance in offering a comprehensive healthcare package to employees that includes education and access to medical marijuana therapy, and we hope to see other local companies following their lead.”

In addition to its production warehouse, Commonwealth Press has two retail stores in Bloomfield and Mount Lebanon. The company currently employs 20 people across its three Pittsburgh locations.

Do you know other local companies that have cannabis friendly policies? Let us know at contact@maitrimeds.com