Frequently Asked Questions

In additional to the below list, you can learn more about the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program and its regulations in this comprehensive list of FAQs on the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.

Q: Can anyone visit a Maitri dispensary?

A: Due to Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations, only patients and patient caregivers with a valid form of identification and a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card can enter our dispensaries.


Q: How do I get my Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania?

A: Click here to read about the steps required to get your card.


Q: If I am a medical marijuana card holder in another state outside of Pennsylvania, may I shop at Maitri?

A: Due to Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations, only Pennsylvania card holders can shop at Pennsylvania dispensaries.


Q: Can I be a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card holder if I own a firearm?

A: According to Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania law enforcement will not pursue punitive measures against owners of firearms who become patients in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program.


Q: Does Maitri accept walk-in patients?

A: We encourage all patients to make an appointment in advance, but will not turn away walk-ins during regular business hours.


Q: What are the eligible medical conditions in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program?

A: Click here to read a full list of the 23 qualifying conditions in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.


Q: What will I need to bring to my first appointment at Maitri?

A: In addition to your valid form of identification, your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card, and your doctor’s recommendation, all patients will need to complete a Patient Intake Form and Patient Consent Form prior to purchasing products at Maitri. We recommend printing these forms and completing them prior to your appointment to expedite service when you arrive at our dispensary.


Q: How do I know which doctor to see to get approved for a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana card?

A: The Pennsylvania Department of Health maintains a regularly-updated list of participating Pennsylvania physicians on their website.


Q: Can I get certified by a doctor at your dispensary?

A: Due to Department of Health regulations, physicians are not permitted to certify patients for Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Cards at our dispensaries. You will need to meet with a registered physician prior to visiting us. We do, however, have licensed pharmacists on site at all times who can conduct a private consultation with you after you get your physician’s recommendation.


Q: Will my health insurance cover any of the cost of my medical marijuana?

A: There are currently no health insurance providers participating in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is developing a financial assistance program to help patients whose income may prohibit them from accessing medical marijuana.


Q: Can I consume medical marijuana if I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

A: The Department of Health regulations do permit pregnant and breastfeeding women with qualifying medical conditions to consume medical marijuana, at the discretion of their physician.


Q: If I already know what products I want to purchase at Maitri, do I still need to schedule a private consultation with your on-site pharmacist?

A: If you’re not a new patient in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program, it is your choice to waive the in-depth consultation with our pharmacist. All patients must waive this by signing and submitting a Patient Intake Form and Patient Consent Form.


Q: How many dispensaries does Maitri operate in Pennsylvania?

A: Maitri has two dispensaries open for business in Southwestern Pennsylvania, in Uniontown and Pittsburgh.


Q: Is Maitri Medicinals affiliated with Maitri Genetics?

A: Maitri Genetics is the cultivation/production arm of our business. We will begin cultivating and producing our own products in 2019.


Q: Now that Pennsylvania offers dry leaf in its medical marijuana program, is smoking permitted?

A: There is no smoking permitted in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program. Vaporization is the only approved administration of dry leaf. Patients caught smoking dry leaf risk losing their Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card and may face legal ramifications.


Q: Can I order Maitri products online?

A: Maitri is developing an online shopping tool for returning patients to expedite their experience, and to provide customers with real-time information about product information and available inventory. However, payment can only be applied to the purchase at one of our dispensaries when your order is ready for pick-up. First-time patients will need to visit a dispensary to submit paperwork and establish an account in our system.


Q: Can I pay for my medical marijuana with a credit card?

A: Maitri Medicinals only accepts cash or payments made through the CanPay app. We do not accept credit cards, but we have an ATM on site for easy access.