Check out Maitri's One Year Anniversary Menu and Video

Video by Matt Dayak. Narrated by Maitri Medicinals Founder and CEO, Corinne Ogrodnik. Footage shot in both Uniontown and Pittsburgh dispensaries.

Maitri Birthday Menu

10% off the following items in both Pittsburgh and Uniontown while supplies last. Discount only available on Wednesday, September 4. Fast track reservations accepted but must be picked up by close of business on September 4. 


  • Terrapin CBD iPhoric Regular Strength Capsules (20 pack)

  • Terrapin iRem 10:1 CBD/THC Regular Strength Capsules (20 pack)

  • Terrapin iRest Regular Strength Capsules (20 pack)


  • GTI HEAL Otto (w/ Black Cherry Terpenes) 500mg Cart

  • GTI HEAL Pre-98 Bubba Kush 500mg Cart

  • Ilera DREAM 500mg Cart


  • Cresco Lime Sorbet Live Resin Sugar (1g)

  • Ilera Orange Krush Shatter (1g)

  • Moxie Slymer Live Resin Sugar (.5g)

  • Moxie Super Lemon Haze Cured Resin Shatter (.5g)

  • Moxie Tangie Live Resin Badder (.5g)

  • Prime Wellness Krypto's Kush Live Resin (1g)

Disposable Pens

  • Cresco Pineapple Express 250mg BHO Disposable Pen

  • Cresco Sojay Haze 250mg BHO Disposable Pen

  • GTI Sour Joker 300mg Disposable Pen


  • Standard Farms Bruce Banner 1000mg CO2 Syringe

  • Standard Farms Super Silver Haze 1000mg CO2 Syringe

  • Terrapin CBD 1:1 iRest Applicator


  • Standard Farms Super Silver Haze 500mg Pod

  • Terrapin 1:1 Cherry Lemonade 500mg TerraPod

  • Terrapin 1:1 Superfood 500mg TerraPod


  • Grassroots Red Headed Stranger 1000mg RSO

  • Prime Wellness 1:1 Balanced Blend 1000mg RSO

  • Prime Wellness THC Blend 1000mg RSO


  • Ilera HOPE #1 Tincture

  • Ilera SOOTHE Tincture

  • Ilera THC+ Tincture

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