Maitri Medicinals dispensaries offer the largest selection in Pennsylvania.

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New patients can download the Patient Intake and Consent Form here and fill it out prior to their dispensary visit to reduce wait times. Patients who have visited our Uniontown dispensary will not need to complete the same paperwork in Pittsburgh.

Please click here to review Maitri’s Refund/Return Policy.


We are happy to reserve products for up to 24 hours. To reserve a product, please call us at 412.404.7464.

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For those who prefer the old version of our print menu, click here.

Please note that our menu changes rapidly and some items sell out quickly. The print menu will not always reflect the most up to date information on available inventory. We recommend using the Leafly menu for most updated inventory.


There are lots of ways to search for products in this new format.

You can filter by product types such as as Concentrates, Dry Leaf, Edibles, etc by clicking the “All Products” option which looks like this:

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You can also filter by Strain Type (Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid), by Brand/Grower, by Price, and more by clicking the icon that looks like this:

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Please note that disposable pens can range from 250mg-300mg, and at this time Leafly's website does not properly display weights under 1/2 gram.

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