Our Story

Maitri’s founders, Corinne Ogrodnik and Joseph Vesely, are third-generation Southwestern Pennsylvania residents who are deeply invested in the region’s wellbeing and development. They became cannabis advocates after personally benefiting from cannabis in each of their own journeys towards health and wellness. For the past five years, they conducted extensive market research in both Europe and the western United States, where recreational consumption was legal. Their passion intensified as they met people of all ages and backgrounds whose lives had been changed by cannabis intervening to elevate personal wellness.

When Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in 2016, they took the leap to join the industry in their home state. They left their jobs, partnered with Jimil Wilson, who came on as a business partner and Chief Financial Officer, and created a business plan rooted in years of strategic planning and research. Committed to keeping the company locally rooted and community-based, they recruited a diverse group of over 140 Southwestern Pennsylvanian residents who provided startup capital to make their vision a reality.

In 2017, the Pennsylvania Department of Health scored Maitri’s round one Dispensary application among the top five statewide, and awarded them a permit to dispense. In 2018, just weeks before their flagship dispensary opened in Uniontown, they won a Grower/Processor permit in the second application round, allowing them to apply valuable patient feedback directly to research, development and the creation of products.   

Corinne and Joe view Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program as an opportunity to help patients suffering from serious medical conditions, support intervention efforts to address the region’s opioid crisis, and provide career training and well-paying jobs for local residents in the medical marijuana industry.